+My story

Portrait Artist
Based in Munich, Germany

Embracing the ever-unfolding chapters of life’s tapestry, my journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and the boundless realms of creativity. It was in the midst of the unprecedented challenges of 2021, during a global pandemic which tested our resilience and ingenuity, that I found a new way to channel my creativity. Surrounded by a lifetime of art, it was only fitting that I turned to this captivating medium, which gave me satisfaction in the most profound and fulfilling way.

My artistic journey begun much earlier, ignited by the world of classical ballet. At the age of six, my dreams of becoming a professional ballerina became an integral part of my life. And as fate would have it, a spark of talent lit my path.
Supported by my family’s unwavering faith and my own relentless determination, I left the familiarity of my Serbian home at the age of fifteen to pursue my ballet career. Germany beckoned and the halls of the prestigious Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier welcomed me. A journey that began with a dream became a reality as I danced my way through fifteen magical years.

But the path of creativity knows no bounds and as the final chapter of my ballet career unfolded, my new-found passion for portrait drawing was ignited and has been with me ever since.

Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler - Ballet by John Neumeier | © Winnie Dias
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